Reporting Matters

As BCSD Türkiye, in cooperation with our umbrella organization WBCSD and London-based Consulting Company Radley Yeldar; we brought Reporting Matters, a methodology that aims to increase the quality and effectiveness of sustainability, integrated and integrated annual reports to our country.

Companies are increasingly confronted with the increasing disclosure requirements in line with the expectations of stakeholders such as legislators and investors, and the demands of various stakeholder groups for the disclosure of sustainability information. In addition to the nature of the information disclosed, it is of great importance that the information presented is understood by the stakeholders. Reporting Matters aims to contribute to companies in order to make the non-financial information reported by companies more understandable, more transparent and more complete to the reader.

The project consists of the following 3 phases:

1. Evaluation of the reports of companies that make reporting among BCSD Türkiye members and request evaluation of their reports by at least two analysts by BCSD Türkiye and project partner PwC Türkiye on the basis of 3 main criteria and a total of 18 sub-criteria

2. Organizing one-to-one feedback sessions for reporting companies, where strengths and areas for improvement are shared according to the methodology in their reports.

3. Preparation of the Reporting Matters Türkiye report, which includes general results, reporting trends, good practices and recommendations.

Reporting Matters Türkiye reports highlight important developments in the light of the changing global trends in the reporting ecosystem every year. On the basis of each sub-category, companies from different sectors are included as examples of good practice in order to support companies in their reporting journeys and their reasons are explained. Reporting Matters Türkiye reports, which also include guideline methodology notes, are shared with the public at the launch event every year.