Declaration on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB)

Buildings constitute our main living and work spaces on the earth. That is why a significant part (40%) of our energy consumption takes place in closed spaces. Our Declaration on EEB has been opened for signature in 2013 in order to draw attention to this fact and to promote efforts for energy efficiency in buildings. Every year, new entities join us in our endeavors and also the number of good examples and best practices increase. As BCSD Türkiye, we monitor and assess annual energy data of the signatories of the Declaration, and we provide feedback specific to each entity. Thus, they increase their efficiency and savings as a result of these measurement, assessment and monitoring processes. They also have the opportunity to make comparisons based on the performances of the other signatory entities. Additionally, these entities have the opportunity to appear in “Your Success Story for Energy Efficiency in Buildings” bulletin. Published periodically by BCSD Türkiye, this bulletin highlights the best practices for EEB and provides entities the opportunity to share their best practices with the whole business world.