Business Plastic Initiative


On the 20th of November 2019, the initiative was founded by Global Compact Türkiye, BCSD Türkiye and TÜSİAD on a voluntary basis for their work. The initiative having the vision of realizing a circular economy for plastics, is the first and only initiative in Türkiye, which brings together actors of the plastics value chain, local governments and public stakeholders, investors, NGOs, academia, and citizens; in short, all multi-stakeholders of the plastics value chain.

The signatories who are stakeholders of the plastics value chain support the international common vision consisting of widely accepted principles. The stakeholders as consumer packaged goods companies, retail and service industries, food service companies, packaging manufacturers, raw material producers, waste management companies, consumer durables companies, suppliers of the plastic package industry, investors, local governments and public stakeholders accept the responsibilities of different commitments.

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