DO! (Be Sensitive!) Project

BE SENSITIVE! (do!),  said “Hi” to the business world in 2015 as an internal communication project aiming for resource-saving through creating awareness in workspaces. Do! highlights how the embracement of sustainable consumer behaviours in the business world is significant to achieving the goal of Türkiye’s 2053 Net-zero Carbon. Therefore, guiding the institutions under 5 main headlines, do! contributes not only to building sustainable consumption culture in institutions but also to the transformation of employees into responsible individuals in terms of resource consumption and recycling.
Sustainable Procurement
Energy Management
Water Management
Waste Management
In 2017, with the second version of the project, the revisions about setting goals for companies to minimize resource consumption and achieving these goals were completed. 
In 2019, the salient fact of the third version was raising awareness among employees. The position of social influence and relationships within this process was observed. 
In 2022, the digital tool developed with its user-friendly infrastructure lets institutions follow every step of the project clearly and access all data online easily, anytime and anywhere.   
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