With the emergence of the concept of Integrated Reporting, sustainability reporting has been carried a few steps further. Integrated Reporting addresses the financial and non-financial information of companies in a holistic approach. It unveils an entity’s past performance in terms of value creation and also how the entity will perform in short-, medium- and long-terms, while reflecting its existing strategy, management approach and performance. Increasingly more companies have been adopting this type of reporting, which includes “integrated thinking” in sustainability reporting.

BCSD Türkiye focuses its work on supporting businesses, and primarily its member companies, in their endeavors related with sustainability, and since 2016, reporting constitutes one of our most prominent fields of activity. In this context, we have become one of the founder members of Integrated Reporting Network Türkiye (ERTA). The official foundation of ERTA on the 15th of February, 2017 has been a critical step for the business world. And as BCSD Türkiye, we are proud to be a founding member of ERTA and have undertaken the secretariat of the organization as well.

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