Türkiye Circular Economy Platform


BCSD Türkiye and the EBRD  joined forces in 2016 to raise awareness about the circular economy. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have developed various tools and technical support programs for the business world to move away from traditional, low-impact methods and experience new ways of doing business. The journey started with the Türkiye Materials Marketplace (TMM), allowing us to create an ecosystem around the circular economy concept. We then established the Turkey Circular Economy Platform (TDEP) by bringing together all the tools that the business world may need in the circular economy journey, with the work and experience we have gained within TMM for 6 years.

TDEP has been providing the solutions that companies will need during the identification and adaptation of circular economy opportunities since the day it was founded. It continues its activities with the aim of spreading the circular economy concept and the applications in this field in all sectors. TDEP provides to meet the need for information/resources in the circular economy, measurement mechanisms, technical grants and creates cooperation opportunities.  It offers a knowledge hub, an e-commerce platform (TMM), measurement tools, and training, financial opportunities and advisory services for companies that really want to accelerate their transition to the circular economy.

We believe that this joint effort of BCSD Türkiye and EBRD will support companies in identifying opportunities and providing them with the solutions they will need to implement.

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