Social Inclusion 

“Women employment and gender equality” constitutes one of the primary focus areas of BCSD Turkey since 2016, and therefore, Women Employment and Gender Equality working group is created to initiate an active cooperation with all the stakeholders interested in this area. 

Case Study on Women Employment and Gender Equality in Private Sector:This project is launched with the purposes of sharing the good practices about gender equality in the business world, and thus, inspiring the companies which have not taken any steps about this matter, and ensuring that more and more companies initiate efforts about gender equality. Within the scope of the project, 9 companies’ good practices related with women employment and gender equality are analyzed. The analysis is made with a methodology developed by PwC, and the project is funded by TSKB and AFD (French Development Agency). The results of this research are shared with the public during an event, organized through the cooperation with TUSIAD and Global Compact Turkey in March 2017. 

Recent Changes in Female Employment Training: Lots of topics were discussed at the seminar, which had the purpose of informing about the recent regulations on maternity leave or partial employment after maternity leave. The seminar was held with the helps of PwC Turkey Business Law Services Unit.

The Digital Platform “Eşit Adımlar Platformu”: At the end of year 2017 it was aimed to form a platform, in which reports, events, positive enforcements about female employment and self-assessment tools are collected with the inclusive role of BSCD TURKEY. This platform, which is created with the cooperation of Global Compact Turkey has a target group consisting private sector employees, grant giving private / public institutions or NGOs or female entrepreneurs. In this way it’s aimed to create a private sector based network. The platform is expected to launch by the end of September 2018, which aims equal opportunity for men and women and to increase women employment.


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