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About Us

Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey (BCSD Turkey) was founded under the leadership of 13 private sector entities. Thecouncil accepts only corporate membership. 

BCSD Turkey is the local network and partner of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Turkey, and it is in a strong cooperation with its parent organization. The Council shares knowledge on sustainability with its members and stakeholders through the activities of its working groups. 


World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Our Mission

As an advocacy-based think tank, our mission is

  • to contribute to policy development, and
  • to increase the competitiveness of the business world,

through an approach of sustainable development. This approach is based on the increase of economic growth and social welfare with the sustainable management of resources.

Our Objectives

  • Increasing the awareness of the business world and the public on the concept of sustainable development;
  • Inciting the increase of good practices which would set examples, and promoting them;
  • Contributing to policy development on sustainability;
  • Developing appropriate tools and channels for the promotion of sustainable development.

Vision2050 Summary

Vision2050 Comprehensive

BCSD Turkey is an outstanding platform focused on sustainability. Its member companies learn from each other, and they also inspire good practices. The members of the Council produce value together. On this platform, businesses are in contact and they interact with strong partners. Owing to the international character of the Council, the members benefit from both global and national developments and accumulation of knowledge about sustainability. Through the expertise they obtain, they gain momentum in their own journeys of sustainability..

We contribute to sustainable development

Our aim is to achieve the transition to a sustainable world, and to that end, we cooperate with companies from different industries and sectors.

We create value for our members

We prepare our members for a world where more sustainable companies are more successful.

We are influential

We provide the most effective platform with the purpose of creating the influence the world needs and the value our members deserve.


Board of Directors

Ebru Dildar Edin

Garanti Bankası

Ata Selçuk

Vice Chair,
Eczacıbaşı Holding

A. Duygu Yılmaz

Vice Chair,
Sütaş Süt

R.Ediz Günsel

PwC Danışmanlık

Semra Akman


Cevdet Alemdar

Brisa Bridgestone

Oya Ünlü Kızıl

Koç Holding

M. Tankut Turnaoğlu

Procter & Gamble

H. Bora Tuncer

Schneider Electric

Mustafa R. Seçkin


Hasan Süel

Vodafone Türkiye

A. Aybala Şimşek

Substitute Member,

S. Bengi Şen

Substitute Member,
TAV Havalimanları

Çiğdem İçel

Substitute Member,

Ebru Özdemir Kışlalı

Substitute Member,

Damla T. Birol

Substitute Member,

SKD Türkiye Ekibi

Konca Çalkıvik

Executive Director

Münevver Bayhan


Simla Gürsan


Buse Gürçay

Executive Assistant

Mert Güller

External Relations Officer