Türkiye Circular Economy Platform


BCSD Türkiye allied with EBRD in 2016 to create awareness about the circular economy and accelerate the transition to that new era.  We have developed various tools and provided technical support since the beginning of our collaboration for staying away from methods with low efficiency and experiencing new business manners of the companies.  The journey has begun with Türkiye Materials Marketplace (TMM) which allows us to create an ecosystem in the context of the circular economy.

During the last four years, we have felt the need for a space in which everything related to the circular economy is explained in detail. As Türkiye Circular Economy Platform, we seek to meet the need for info/sources regarding the circular economy, present evaluation mechanisms, provide technical assistance grants and create potential collaborations.

A knowledge hub as an information centre, an e-commerce platform (TMM), evaluation tools, and for the companies willing to accelerate the transition to the circular economy, education, financial opportunities and consultancy services are available on the platform.

We believe in this collaborative effort about opportunity detection of companies and proposing solutions needed in the process of realizing them.

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Prominent Projects