Turkey Circular Economy Platform

Published: 01.04.2020

Since 2016, we as BCSD Turkey and EBRD have joined forces to create awareness and accelerate the transition to circular economy in Turkey by providing tools and technical support that enable businesses to move away from the traditional ineffective way/concept to a more powerful way of doing business. The journey started with Turkey Materials.

Marketplace that was instrumental in creating an ecosystem around circular economy.
Through the course of the past 4 years we felt the need to create a space where anything and everything on circular economy is explained in detail. With the establishment of Turkey Circular Economy Platform we aim to provide practical solutions, incentives, news and opportunities in the field of circular economy.

The platform at hand includes a knowledge hub, an e-commerce platform (Turkey Materials Marketplace), measurement tools, and offers training, financial opportunities, and consultancy services for companies that are truly looking to accelerate their transition to circular.

We believe this joint effort will support businesses to identify opportunities and provide solutions to turn them into reality.

For Turkey Circular Economy Platform web site, please click on the picture right below.