We Have Launched BE SENSITIVE! Project

Published: 08.06.2022

BCSD Türkiye has been carrying out the "DUYARLI OL! (‘do!’ Be Sensitive!) Project" since 2015 to help companies build an environmental management system voluntarily. From the beginning, the motto of "Sensitive companies are possible with sensitive employees" has been effective for the project’s durability. The project, which aims to provide resource efficiency by raising awareness in workspaces, contributes to the net-zero decarbonization goals of institutions. Reducing employees’ environmental footprint is essential to this contribution. The project was integrated into the digital platform under the sponsorship of P&G with the purpose of orientation towards the digital transformation of this era. The platform was launched on June 8th.

The project will guide and lead companies in putting into practice the environmental management system consisting of five main topics: governance, sustainable procurement, energy management, water management and waste management.

Ebru Dildar Edin, the Chair of BCSD Türkiye, said that "The do! Project, encapsulating the transfer of sustainable habits of life to corporate cultures and the daily lives of employees, and making those habits widespread, is open to all kinds of institutions willing to become a part of the solution on the issue of sustainable development."

After indicating that “do!” is the oldest ongoing project of BCSD Türkiye, Edin added that “It evolved into a digital tool developed correspondingly to the zero-waste concept. In addition, those who work with “do!” become the contributors with their reduced individual footprints to the net-zero decarbonization goals.” She also mentioned World Oceans Day (June 8th) due to the reason for coincidence with the launching. According to her, protecting the oceans and seas is a prerequisite for leaving a livable environment for generations to come.

Dilara Koçak, a dietician and an environmental activist for sustainable life, spoke at the launching meeting. 

“I aspire to see lots of participation in the ‘DUYARLI OL!’ project. In this way, I will feel certain that it will matter a lot if one million people say “be sensitive” instead of thinking like ‘What will happen if we are one person more?’”

Additionally, she emphasized the issue of food to which she extremely pays attention. 

“If we run out of food and if hunger emerges, we cannot talk about peace and education. If chemicals and pesticides are used excessively and if nature is exploited ruthlessly in the process of food production, our food becomes unsustainable with what is done to obtain efficiency. What is not good for us is not good for the planet. What is good for us is good for the planet."

The head of corporate communications at P&G Türkiye Caucasia, Ayça Turgay, stated that they, as a company, desire to see an increasing number of participating companies in the new period when the project was built digitally.