CEO Guide

Sustainable Development Goals are a product of multi-stakeholder negotiations covering various sectors, including the business world. Such stakeholders have created a framework consisting of 17 goals with the purpose of combating the most urgent social, economic and environmental challenges in the world until 2030. These goals have the potential of boosting innovation, economic growth and development to an unprecedented extent; and it is thought that the opportunities related with them can create 380 million new employments until 2030, with a value of at least 12 trillion dollars per year.

In our era, political and economic uncertainties prevail. Transition is necessary for a comprehensive and sustainable economic growth, which is represented by the Sustainable Development Goals. Companies need to transform their awareness about the risks and opportunities in the global sustainability agenda into action. Thus, strong and visionary CEO leadership is of crucial importance for this transition.  As BCSD Turkey, we wish to increase the contribution of CEO leadership in the business arena of Turkey. With this purpose in mind, we have translated the CEO Guide, prepared by our parent organization, WBCSD, into Turkish. The Guide is accessible by executives in Turkey and it aims at supporting companies in their efforts for transition. It emphasizes the key role played by companies in the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals, and it summarizes how they can take part in this process of transition, and the important steps that should be taken to adapt to this critical social agenda.